Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is one of many spices that has long been used for its healthy side effects. For hundreds of years, people all over the globe have touted the beneficial properties of ginger. Many of these have been studied in clinical settings, often with positive findings.

The homeopathic remedy of ginger ale for an upset stomach is more than an old-wives tale. Studies have shown that ginger is an effective remedy for most types of nausea, as it has proven to decrease feelings of nausea when compared to placebos.

Motion sickness related nausea is often combated with ginger. Many travelers choose to drink ginger tea or other beverages while on the move in order to feel less prone to motion sickness. Others use ginger candy for the same effect. Recent studies have indicated that ginger consumed prior to or during travel can decrease instances of vomiting and sweating. This ginger can be consumed in both fresh and powdered forms.

Other forms of nausea may be relieved when ginger is used as well. Some pregnant women find that morning sickness can subside when ginger is consumed in small amounts. Likewise, chemotherapy patients have experienced fewer instances of nausea when using ginger as part of their regular course of medicine.

Gastrointestinal illnesses and disorders, including stomach viruses and light cases of food poisoning, may not cured by ginger, though the effects of the sickness may be lessened when ginger is consumed. It is thought that ginger reduces the intensity of nausea and can possibly decrease the amount of vomiting related to these types of disorders. Ginger tea is also sometimes given to patients who experience nausea related to cardiovascular events.

Pain Relief
Ginger is said to have pain killing properties, due to its ability to reduce inflammation. Ginger is commonly used among those who have arthritis as a natural alternative to other medicines.

Ginger is also reported by the American Pain Society to relieve muscle pain. It is thought that those who exercise strenuously may experience less muscle soreness when consuming ginger on a daily basis.

Cancer Treatment
Ginger is also being studied as a possible cancer treatment. Because ginger is an anti-inflammatory agent, it is thought that some tumors may be prevented. The National Cancer Institute conducted a study in 2011 that showed inflammation in the colon was slowed in human subjects after taking ginger capsules for four weeks. Likewise, Georgia State University conducted a study on ginger may stop the growth of certain cancer cells. The same study showed a marked decrease in the size of tumors in animal studies.

Other Health Related Uses
Ginger has been linked to improvements in a variety of other health related areas as well. Some studies suggest that ginger can aid in cardiovascular health. It is said that ginger is effective in thinning the blood, which can lower the risk of blood clots, thereby lowering the chance of stroke. The root is also related to the lowering of bad cholesterol. Animal studies have shown that LDL cholesterol can be lowered with regular ginger supplements.

Those who suffer with diabetes may also find some relief through regular ingestion of ginger. The medical journal “Molecular Vision” has recently reported that ginger can prevent diabetic patients from forming cataracts. Ginger has also been shown to decrease blood glucose content in diabetics.

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